Registering To Buy With Rochills Is Easy As 1-2-3 Or Rather 0-1-9-3-2 222120. Just Call Our Sales Office, Pop In Or Email Us And We Will Find You The Home Of Your Dreams.

The kind of information we require at this stage is:

Your contact details, phone, email, address, facebook or twitter AND which method is best for contacting you AND what time of day do you prefer to be contacted (you can give us a list of best times and methods, the more information we have the better it is)

What type of property you wish to buy (new build, 2nd hand, flat, house, bungalow)

How many bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms that you require

Do you need parking, a garage, garden, balcony, swimming pool, tennis courts

Where do you wish to be located? Which town, which road, near a station, near the shops, near open spaces, near the motorway etc

What is your budget?

Have you discussed your finances with someone who can verify that you are able to afford the amount you are looking at? We can verify this for you, obviously we must be accountable to our vendor client and ensure that viewers can pay the amount they say that they can! Far better to find out at this stage, you may be pleasantly surprised and find you can afford more than you thought.

If you are a ‘cash buyer’ (which effectively means no mortgage required), please can you verify where the cash is now, or, how quickly you will have it and the source of the cash (for legal purposes we need to ascertain where the cash is coming from). The more information you can give us at this stage, the quicker the process will be if you like a property and wish to make an offer.

When do you WANT or NEED to move by?

How flexible are any of the above? We do understand from our statistics that only 38% of purchasers actually end up buying a property which fits all of the initial requirements mentioned. So please, if we suggest something a little off course, give it some thought and don’t think that we haven’t listened to you. If you are NOT flexible on any of your requirements, and tell us so, we will wholeheartedly respect that and will only contact you if something perfect comes available.

We prefer to speak with you in person or on the phone, so that we can listen carefully to your needs and desires and can try to match you to the most perfect property in the timescale you require. We understand that you may prefer to receive regular updates via email or online but please keep us posted if your requirements change as you start viewing and ruling out certain areas or types of property. We do not want to waste yours or our time, so the more often we can touch base, the better it is.

Once we register you and you are on our database you will be informed of new instructions, price reductions and secret sales (properties which MAY BE COMING SOON so that you can be ready to grab them before anyone else does). This is a fast paced market and good property goes quickly. If you are serious about buying, be ready and prepared to GO as soon as you find the new home of your dreams.

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