Your viewings are the prime opportunity get clarity on what you would be renting if you took the property so it’s vital to ask any questions you have.

If the property is currently tenanted and being let furnished, you need to be clear what is included and what is not, as some of the contents may actually belong to the occupier. Having a copy of the current inventory will help you be clear as to what is there.

If the existing tenant is at home during your viewing, they may be able to give you an insight into what works well at the property as well as what doesn’t. It’s certainly worth knowing how long they have lived there for; if they have lived there a long time, the chances are that they are well looked after by their landlord or agent.

Find out what’s behind any closed or locked doors. Who is going to be managing the property? Are they a full-time property manager or do they manage their properties in their spare time?

If there are obvious repairs that need fixing, ask if they are scheduled to be done and if not, include them as condition to be fixed as part of your offer. It is important to be realistic about the time frame for any repairs and trying to coordinate your move-in so that you don’t end up moving into a building site.

If you are booking a second viewing, book the visit for a different time of day. This will give you a better idea of the neighbourhood and what your neighbours may be like.

If there is a garden or terrace, check who is entitled to use them and who is responsible for maintaining them. Whilst a communal garden may seem less attractive initially, the building owner may maintain the gardens for tenants.

Many buildings will be restricted as to what media can or cannot be installed. Make sure you check what arrangements are available and who the current provider is, if any.

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