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Buying property can be a complicated process. It’s also a moment of great opportunity. People make investments in property for many reasons: to secure wealth in a stable asset, to find a permanent home or to build an investment portfolio. Whatever your reason, we are here to help you make the best possible steps towards this important decision.

As a leading Surrey estate agency we are proud of the work we do and the service we provide – our team works hard to turn property goals into new home addresses. We know our area well and through regular training are well acquainted with market trends. What’s more, we put communication first – our priority is providing an excellent quality of service, both in person and online. We’re proud to have won several awards for our service from The Surrey Property Awards.

Visit our office to access and explore a diverse portfolio of properties for sale; from period to contemporary and our team will help you to find what you’re looking for and to make that perfect investment.

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Looking for specific property…

I had been looking specifically for a town centre apartment when I viewed a property through Rochills which was exactly what I was looking for. I was very much impressed by their friendly approach as Rochills are a family-run business. I asked Rochills to sell my current property which again was done with ease. The whole process was done with ease and I could pop in to their office at any time to ask a question or to assist me in completing paper work. I would 100% recommend Rochills to my family and friends.

Mr R Vincent

Gothic House, Ashley Road

Efficient move…

After successfully purchasing my property in Molesey through rochills I immediately contacted Rochills again to revalue my home. The efficiency of the whole team was excellent throughout the process. The answering of quires, whether by email or over the telephone was dealt with within a timely manner. I would happily recommend using Rochills for both sales and purchasing of properties to my friends and family.

Darren House

First Avenue, West Molesey

Would You Like To Know How Much You Can Borrow?

Helpful Hints and Tips On Buying Your Property

how much can i afford

You’ve decided to buy a home, and you believe that you can afford it. But before you even start looking at properties, you need to decide what price range you can afford. You probably want to buy as much house as possible, but obviously don’t want to end up overstretched – or repossessed. There are so many factors to consider, that many homeowners do their sums wrong, and accidentally end up out of their depth.

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Choosing where to buy…

Before you look for a property, you need to decide on the area. It could be the most important decision you make: get it wrong and you will either be unhappy with where you live, or face the costs of moving again …

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The hidden costs of buying a property…

There are lots of hidden costs that can add more than 10% to the total bill, which you need to factor in to your buying budget. Maintaining a property also costs more than many former rental tenants can expect. If you are not prepared for these costs, the first few years of owning your own home can be a struggle.

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Saving for a deposit…

Homeownership in the UK has fallen to the lowest level in 25 years and this has a lot to do with the rise in deposits required to secure a mortgage. House prices are around six times the average salary and following the outcry over irresponsible lending banks are demanding hefty deposits these days. So, how do you go about raising that elusive 20%?

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How to buy and sell at the same time…

A property chain can cause dreaded chaos, which can end up with complications at the last minute. So, take a look at the steps you can take to help reach those milestones more smoothly if you find you’re having to buy and sell at the same time.

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Can I afford to buy a property?…

You want to buy your first home, so you ask yourself is, “can I actually afford to buy a property?” We think getting on the property ladder is a great idea, but only if you are in a suitable financial position... How much can I borrow? How much you can...

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Avoid Fallthroughs & Maximise Success – Qualify Your Applicants

This process is something that not a lot of agents are calling common practice and yet it is such a crucial element of ensuring your agent has negotiated with the best buyer for you to ensure it meets their requirements, that they are able to proceed and most importantly, able to meet your timescales.

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