Buying a home is a big step and is very exciting. However, you need to make sure you’re prepared and know your options.. 

Saving For A Deposit 

You need at least a 10% deposit. If you’re young, saving this much money can be stressful. Saving as early as possible will help a lot. The average first time buyer is 33 so if you’re still in your 20s use this time to save as much as you can. There are also first time buyer schemes that can help. 

However, if you’re experienced with the property market you’ll know exactly how much money you’ll need for a house in Weybridge. Selling your home can also help with deposit money if the value of your home has gone up. 

Mortgage Adviser

You can use a mortgage calculator to get a rough idea of how much you need for a deposit and the different rates based on your deposit. However, talking to an actual mortgage advisor can help you understand how it works, what your budget is based on your finances and what you can realistically borrow. 

Research The Area 

Living in Weybridge has a lot of benefits: not only does it have a motorsport history, but it has beautiful riverside walks, cool café culture and classy pubs. It’s a high end area with lots of delicious food and a wonderful community. 

Be Patient When Buying A House 

Purchasing a house usually takes a bit longer than the original time frame. It depends on the seller’s situation, your situation and the type of property it is. But don’t be in a rush, purchasing a property isn’t an everyday occurrence, it’ll only happen a couple times in a lifetime, it’s a huge financial commitment. 

If you need some advice selling or buying property get in touch with us today! 

Be sure to check out the properties we have for sale and for rent. 

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