With the lack of affordability in the property sales market, more and more of us are opting for renting.  Renting is an option of choice for so many of us now because of the flexibility it offers:

Tenancies start from as little as 6 months and you can move after this time if it doesn’t work out.

Having this flexibility allows you to test new relationships, whether that’s a new housemate or a new partner.

Working lives have since changed and people change jobs and location more frequently and being able to rent makes this much easier to do.

Fully managed properties take the burden of maintenance away from you, giving you time to enjoy other things. You will have one point of contact and you don’t have the problem of sourcing contractors and overseeing the fixes carried out.

Also, the costs of the property’s maintenance, building service charges and insurance are all covered by the landlord. As you don’t have the additional costs that are covered by the owner it is much easier to predict your monthly costs.

Property sharing reduces the cost per person allowing you to move to an area you may have thought out of your budget. Rental properties must conform to certain safety standards.

Short term lets are great for those who are in between moves or moving out whilst they renovate their homes.

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