Having a place to sit, eat, chat or relax is perhaps the most important factor when setting your garden up to sell. Whether you’ve got a small patio, a family-sized lawn or something much larger, a table and chairs convey the image of spending quality time outside.

Make sure the furniture is an appropriate size for your space; a small patio needs only a bistro set, while a larger garden might very well take a grand eight-seater under a pergola. Do you have your eye on something now that you could take to your next home and that fits where you are now, or something your purchaser might want to buy from you?

Tidy is good, and so is making it easy.  Stow away any kids’ toys or garden tools in an outdoor storage box – wood or rattan can look great, particularly with a cushion on top to double as a bench –  or in the shed if you have one. Screwing some hooks inside the shed and hanging things from the walls keeps the floor and surfaces chaos-free.

For larger gardens, having a kid’s zone where toys can remain out, and an adult’s zone from where toys are banned, will show how your garden works for all ages all the time and without compromise.

You don’t have to plant up a Chelsea Gold Medal winning garden, but you can make a big difference by clearing any clutter and ensuring that no plants are obscuring your windows. And just like at the front of the house, make sure gutters are clear, paintwork fresh, windows clean and paved areas weed-free.

If you’re a green-fingered soul and your garden is planted and preened to perfection, you’ve got your gold star! If you’re a total novice, simply adding a few tubs of flowers, grouped in threes or fives around the seating area, will make a lovely photo and a fine place to sit. Herbs are also a quick win: they’re easy to grow, smell great, and do wonders for your cooking!

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