Balconies tend to end up in one of three states. If yours is already a charming suspended haven to enjoy, there’s nothing to read here. But if it’s completely empty, or it’s become a storage area because you’ve outgrown your home, there’s work to be done.

Your balcony is a valuable asset, and a buyer will definitely want to see that important piece of real estate underneath your forgotten overflow of stuff. So take this opportunity to sell, donate or bin whatever you’re not going to take with you, and to put into storage anything you can’t find a place for inside.

As for gardens, seating means savouring. Stools or small bistro sets are excellent for little balconies and you can also pop a plant on the table or for some greenery, without losing any floor space. For larger balconies, go for a bigger dining set, and maybe even an easy chair: the key is to show comfort without having to shuffle around the furniture. And again, could you find something to take with you to your next home, or that your buyer would want to purchase?

Planting tricks for small balconies include pots on top of the balcony wall or balustrade, and hanging baskets suspended from an outside wall, or from the underside of the balcony above: with more floor space comes the possibility of grouping larger pots and tubs. Whatever you have, think about the kinds of plants that will thrive: whether your balcony is sunny or shady, there’s a plant that will love to live there.

That’s it for part two of our Selling in Summer blog. We hope you’re inspired with ideas and advice, but if you’d like to talk about any aspect of selling your property this summer, we’d love to hear from you.

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