Even if you only have a doorstep onto the pavement, it can still look lovely. Pots, window boxes or hanging baskets can soften the threshold between the world and home, as well as creating a strong identity for your property. They also look great in photos, on video, or in person.

If you have a proper front garden, make sure it looks loved: grass cut; beds weeded; plants watered; clutter gone. There’s so much good information online, even for total novices, and, who knows, you could end up with a new hobby. And if there’s room for a bench or chair, it makes a fine welcoming statement.

For a communal staircase, a tub of flowers or a gorgeous and healthy house plant can turn a no-man’s land into an everyman’s entrance. Large contemporary leaves in a glamorous container are not only a good investment for viewings, they’re also something you can take with you if you grow attached during your time on the market.

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