Industry insiders estimate 30% of property deals collapse before completion. So, how can you safeguard your deal?

Working with an experienced estate agent can certainly help. Here’s why.


A good agent ensures all parties have realistic expectations about dates and timescales.

This is because deals often fail when buyers and sellers aren’t on the same page or don’t understand the complexity of the process.


In the property world, silence breeds suspicion. For this reason, a good agent keeps all parties updated on the progress of surveys and searches and regularly checks in with solicitors, sellers, buyers and other agents in the chain.


When deals drag on, fatigue can set in. A good agent reminds buyers and sellers that progress is being made (even if it’s slower than expected) and highlights the need to stay positive. 

Choose wisely

When choosing an agent, go for someone who can negotiate you a great deal – and see it through to completion.

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