As the country adapts to the temporary ‘new normal’ of lockdown, we are embracing digital tools like never before in all aspects of our lives. If you’re thinking of selling your home, we’ve offered some top tips to present your property virtually.  


Why getting your house on the market now is a good idea  

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Social distancing to protect ourselves and our communities is vital, but it means people are spending more time in their houses now than ever before! So, listing your home and doing a virtual tour or viewing yourself can help you to gain exposure to potential buyers who are in the search phase of moving. Plus, for some, the more time we spend in our homes, the more we start to think about moving.  


Talk to your estate agent  

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Before you start, arrange a call with your local Guild Member to understand exactly what they are looking for. Start with a video call, so that you can get used to the process and, if this is your first contact with an agent you have instructed remotely, you can show them around your home, too. 

Here are some of the key questions to ask:  

– What technology do you need to do this? Most smartphones will be perfect, but it is worth discussing with your agent. Find out how they want you to send the video to them – free sharing platforms are available such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.   

– Do they want you to present and offer a tour of your home, talking as you move throughout the property?  

– Would they like a silent tour without you in the shot so they can do a voiceover for you? You may actually prefer this, so it is worth discussing.  

– Will they be able to edit the video, or does it need to be right when you send it to them – remember that some agents will be working from home and potentially away from some of the tools they typically use.  

– Will they be adding photos into your video? It can be a great way to give your video more variation and showcase your property in different angles.  

– Would you also be willing to do a live viewing in the future? After the initial video, it may be that your agent would like to set up a remote viewing of a property with you hosting. If this is the case, again think about what kind of technology is required, so that you can get set up – there are plenty of free options for this such as Skype.  



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Just like with any house viewing, being prepared will make all the difference! Here are our recommendations:  

– There is no reason not to showcase your home virtually, but it is important to be mindful of anything sensitive or especially valuable that you don’t want to include – your viewing could be seen by so many more people right now! 

– Think about which rooms you would like to showcase and plan a route around your home. You do not have to show every room but be sure to include the stand-out rooms.  

– Remember, first and last impressions matter. Start the tour with a winning shot of your home, or a warm, friendly message. Think about which part of your house you would like to be remembered and end your tour there.  

– Tidy up! Make your home look it’s best as clutter or mess will especially stand out in a video.  

– Whether you are narrating, or your agent will add in a voiceover, think about the details you want to showcase in your home and why – for example, tell prospective buyers why the kitchen is your favourite space or what you most love about your patio garden. 

– Do a practice run, so that you know what your plan is; it will help to reduce any nerves.  



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When it comes to the presentation of your property, there are a few tips and tricks which will help to show your home in the best possible light, from pre-filming setup to the tour itself:  

– For starters, if you are presenting, remember you are showcasing the property and not yourself – buyers want to see your home in the best possible light.  

– Turn on all of the lights, open all of the blinds or curtains and try to do your filming in the brightest part of the day; a light property is so important when you are filming.   

– Open all of the doors, so that your flow through the house is seamless and you aren’t fiddling with door handles. 

– Limit any potential noise – from the dishwasher to cars driving by; it is important to cut noise which will detract from your property tour.   

– Film your property in landscape, not portrait. When it comes to property portals or social media, landscape will be the optimum format. 

– Hold the camera steady. Wobbly camera shots will take attention away from your property.  

– If you are presenting the video, think of the camera as another person you are showing around the house – there is no need to stare at them intently or ignore them completely!  

– Film from around chest-height, so that you are giving a good perspective of each room – higher or lower angles may make the video seem distorted. 

– Ensure you show the room from one of the corners to get the widest possible angle.  

– Sweeping the camera from one corner of the room to another is a great way of show the room off but remember not to rush it. 

– Including a window will help you to draw the eye out beyond the room, giving a more spacious feel. 

– If you are narrating, enunciate and speak clearly, remembering if the microphone is facing the other way, it will be harder to hear you.  

– Again, if speaking, why not take the time to say what’s great about the area you live in and what you will miss about living in the property. 

– Making mistakes is inevitable but forgivable. If you trip on your words, don’t worry we’re all human. If you really struggle, consider it as another practice run and start again.  

– If you are talking, remind potential buyers to get in touch with your estate agent at the end and thank them for taking the tour of your home.  


Contact us today! 

Guild Members have some fantastic ways to continue marketing your property at the moment, so be sure to get in touch with your nearest Guild Member and get your property on the market and in front of the right audiences today.   

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