The structural and decorative condition of your property – along with how modernised it is – will obviously determine its value and eventual sale price, but they won’t necessarily affect the size of your audience, the level of interest you receive, or the saleability of your home.

There are many people who dream of moving into a fully modernised and perfectly decorated property where all they need to do is put down their furniture, hang up some pictures and go to sleep. It’s an alluring prospect and, when all of those elements are in the right place for the right person, the sale price will be the very best it can be.

But there are many people who dream of finding a real fixer-upper and applying their own tastes, ideas and requirements. Unmodernised homes are not only popular with buyers on a budget, but also with people who don’t want to pay for someone else’s tastes and can see the opportunity and potential beyond what is there today.

Even homes with structural problems will find a ready audience with developers and investors who are able to buy cash, rather than needing a mortgage.

If you’ve considered making improvements to your property to increase its sale price, it’s important to match your expenditure to your marketplace. The budget for a kitchen in a one bedroom flat would be less than for a large family house, where a higher level of quality and specification would be required. You want to avoid spending too much or too little for the best return on your investment, so please ask for our advice if you are unsure.

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