Using evidence of similar homes that have sold nearby is one of the most powerful ways to justify a price. It’s the clearest way we can show you that the price we are suggesting reflects the true value of your property, and it helps us when negotiating increased offers from buyers.

As the seller, you’ll want to be sure that your asking price is neither too low, nor too high. Being quoted a temptingly high figure and then sitting around on the market for months is nobody’s dream, so it’s worth checking that any prices you are given – even if they are pleasingly high – are an accurate reflection of prices being achieved. So feel free to challenge us and any other estate agent where you have doubts or concerns over the price you are quoted: we’re more than happy to discuss the reasons and thinking behind our advice.

It’s also worth noting that agreeing a price is only the first hurdle, because next will come the valuation. All mortgage lenders carry out their own valuations – and even cash purchasers usually send in a surveyor – to make sure they are lending or investing their money wisely.

So while we are on your side to get you the best price, we need to be aware that our recommendations must stand up to the inspection from the valuer or surveyor who is acting for the lender or buyer.

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