In this two-minute read, we share a message with all of you in Walton On Thames who have been going through these surreal times we’ve been experiencing.

There are plenty of things we could say right now.

We could tell you about the pent-up demand we’re expecting to be unleashed on the Walton On Thames property when the lockdown is relaxed.

We could spell out the measures we have taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients, colleagues, and community when the property market gets back up and running.

We could even give you an insight into what looks set to be a six-month window of property changing hands right up until Christmas once lockdown is relaxed.

Yes, we could share all this with you, but not yet.

Our Message to You

And that’s because there’s a more important message we want to get across to you and our community in Walton On Thames.

We want to thank you for doing your bit to fight Covid-19.

We want to show our gratitude to you whether you are maintaining social distancing, carry out essential work, supporting a local business or volunteering to help your neighbours.

We also want to thank you for the support, messages, and patience you’ve shown us as prepare for the ‘new normal’ in the foreseeable future.

Help – Hope – Happiness

It’s said there are three stages of a crisis – Help – Hope – Happiness. 

The first is when the crisis/disaster happens and then its immediate aftermath – this is the stage when people need help the most.

Then as time passes, it enters the hope phase as we start seeing the light at the end of our collective tunnel. And as the news around the crisis becomes more positive, we step into the happiness phase as life returns to normal.

We continue to do all we can to help our community in Walton On Thames. And we believe we are beginning to step further into the hope phase of the Covid-19 crisis as the lockdown is relaxed, the infection rate falls, sport and cultural events slowly start again, and the news becomes more positive.

From a property market perspective, there’s definitely hope in the air. 

And happiness is out there in the form of those serious buyers and tenants keen to move once they get the greenlight to do so.

At Rochills we hope at some point we’ll get the chance to help you find a new home you’ll be very happy in.

Thanks once again and if there’s any community or property matter, you’d like to have a chat with us about we’re just a phone call away.

From all of us at Rochills.


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