The kitchen is the heart of the home, so does it really matter what it looks like? Well, according to interior design trendsetters, it definitely does. So, what’s the latest in kitchen fashions?

Whether you’re considering a complete kitchen renovation or just want to add some of the latest designs into your cooking area, we’ve got the 2023 guide to making your space on trend.

In this quick read, we explore the latest trends and look at some cheaper ways to update your kitchen.

Colours that pop

White shiny cabinet doors are a thing of the past, as are wood-effect cupboards. Instead, 2023 is all about colour – the brighter it is, the better. The design bods at Ideal Home think that bright blues and greens are the way forward, and many big brand names in kitchen cabinetry have followed suit.

A matte finish is also important (and practical) to avoid those sticky finger marks all over cabinet doors.

Mix it up

To go for an ultra-modern look, designers recommend mixing up the materials of your cabinetry. Combining wooden doors and metal doors give your kitchen a sleek and stylish finish which is durable and on trend this year. Be warned however, metal doors are a nightmare to keep clean, so get the cleaning cloths ready.

Handle it

If you want to give your kitchen a new look without the hefty price tag, then changing your handles (or kitchen hardware) is a great way to give the space a style overhaul without spending loads.

According to home bloggers like Jenna Shaughnessy (who creates home décor content by the bucket-load), matte black and brass-finish handles are the way forward, whilst handleless cabinets are just so 2022. Also, the bigger the handle, the bigger the fashion statement. If you feel extra fancy, a shiny gold handle will do the trick, too. Just stay away from chrome – it’s over.

Light it up

If you’ve got the ceiling height and the space, structured lighting adds a bit of glam to your kitchen, but it’s not for everyone. Ideally positioned above an island, 2023 lighting styles call for bold architectural styles that are practical as well as stylish. They’re big and take up a lot of space but worthy of the oooh factor if you’ve got a large kitchen.

Open up

If you belong to a naturally neat and tidy household, then open shelving is a great way to update your kitchen style. You can display your plants and pretty plates for all to see. However, if your plate collection is a bit chipped and your kitchen is normally more chaotic than calm, open shelves are probably not going to work for you. Avoid.

Do you follow interior design trends? We’d love to know how you’ve designed your kitchen. Comment below.

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