These are the restrictions, regulations and guidelines around physical viewings to ensure everyone’s safety.



To reduce the risk of transmission, please open all internal doors and turn on any necessary lighting before a viewing begins to minimise the need for estate agents and viewers to make contact with any surfaces. The Government’s advice is that you should vacate your property or wait in the garden while viewings take place, but, if that’s not possible, to observe social distancing measures.

Everyone attending a viewing should be able to wash their hands as soon as they enter your property, so please provide access to handwashing facilities and separate towels, preferably disposable paper ones. Although buyers will be encouraged to bring their own hand sanitiser, it’s a wise precaution to provide some at your property in case somebody forgets.

All viewings must be by appointment only and no open houses are permitted.


It is not yet a requirement to wear masks or gloves, but, depending on the type of property, it may be necessary to do so. It’s also possible that you or your viewers may wish to use masks.

It is our own policy to wear masks on all appointments and we’ll also encourage viewers to bring their own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). At the same time, we’ll make sure we have a stock of PPE on hand in case anyone who requires it on the viewing doesn’t have any of their own.


Estate agents are required to limit the numbers of viewers entering your property at any one time to a maximum of two adults, both of whom should be from the same household. They are permitted to be accompanied by their children if no other arrangements can be made.

We’ll ask a number of screening questions of anyone wishing to view a property in person to ensure that nobody displaying any of the symptoms of Covid-19 comes to view your property. We’ll also check for symptoms – high temperature, dry cough, upset tummy, etc – at the point of meeting people outside your home.

Viewers will be asked to avoid touching any surfaces as they walk around and we’ll also work to maintain a 2m distance between ourselves and them.


All surfaces and door handles should be wiped down after each viewing. For empty properties we’ll take care of everything; where a property is tenanted or owner-occupied it may be a matter of dealing with that on a viewing-by-viewing basis, depending on whether anyone living at the property is in attendance.

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