Whether you’ve got a huge garden or a modest balcony, making the most of your outside space matters. Especially as the weather warms up and you can spend more time enjoying the fresh air. So, what are the big garden trends of 2023?

In this quick read, we look at this year’s top garden trends and how you can make your space a design dream.

  • Choose resilient plants

With temperatures becoming hotter each year and rainfall less predictable, garden geeks recommend investing in drought-resistant plants that will cope with the strong sunshine and drier days. It means less waste and a gorgeous garden all year round.

While it’s difficult to predict how plants will get on from season to season, consider species like long-flowering salvias, which are widely available and insect-friendly. Crab apple trees are also a good choice if you’ve got a bigger space.

  • Get mulching

For those of us less experienced in gardening jargon, mulch is basically a loose covering that goes on top of soil (most commonly, bits of bark or pebbles). Mulching can help reduce the growth of weeds, keep moisture in and protect your plants.

This year, it’s all about organic mulch, a great sustainable option. It includes straw, hay, grass clippings and leaves. Whatever you choose, mulching is key to retaining plant life and is very 2023.

  • Create a garden for mental wellbeing

Time outside can be a great way to lift your mood and reduce stress, and this year, one garden trend is all about creating a space to enhance emotional and mental wellness. Plant seeds, move garden furniture around and create somewhere that you want to spend time in.

No matter how good (or bad) you are at gardening, just getting outdoors and changing how your space looks will give you a sense of achievement.

  • Garden furniture

You might not want to spend a fortune, but if you’ve got tatty plastic chairs and a three-legged table, consider investing in some new garden furniture. This year’s top trends include natural materials like wood and rattan that will soften the look of your outside space. Colours like brown, terracotta and even soft pastels are also on trend.

How will you make your garden fashionable this year? Will you follow gardening trends, or do you just like to get your hands dirty? Comment below.

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