What is most crucial to inform clients is that a cheaper fee may reflect a lower service offering and also result in a lower sale price. We focus on achieving a premium price for our vendors as opposed to focus on the fee. If the agent does not give the right service or does not offer the correct marketing strategy then they can, in effect, achieve less on the sale of your property. Therefore, it comes down to how the agent markets the property in order to achieve a premium price and there are techniques involved in this. These include; elements on how your property appears on RightMove, OnTheMarket.com and their website; is it a Premium Listing or a Feature Property? This additional marketing feature statistically achieves more hits amongst pages and pages of listed properties. A cheaper agent may not necessarily include the portals added value services. They may be on the portals, but without the additional features to make your property really stand out.

Professional photography is another important feature in ensuring you achieve a premium on the sale of your property. The way an agent presents or stages your property will result in more hits. More hits means more viewings, and more viewings results in achieving more offers to achieve a higher price.

Most importantly are the negotiation skills of the chosen agent. With so many agents, we advise you look at how that agent negotiates and we recommend you ask the agent “How do you plan on getting me the best price?”. Observe your agent’s negotiation in the valuation, as if they are dropping their fees, they may also then be doing the same with a potential buyer, therefore not working on getting you the best price.

A combination of these three key elements – Premium Marketing, Professional Photography and strong Negotiation skills will result in you choosing the right agent and one that will get you the best price.

If you would like any further advice or are thinking of selling, we would be happy to discuss our services with you. Call me on 01932 22 21 20 or email [email protected].

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