How your Estate Agents markets your property has an immediate impact on first impressions to potential buyers and the end value your property achieves. In the last 5 – 10 years there has been a shift of focus on how your property appears online within the portals. How your agent advertises is critical and the foundations include professional photography and home-staging. There are tools and techniques that portals offer that help distinguish your property online and ensuring you stand out from the crowd to get more viewings and ultimately more offers. Some agents will market your property online but don’t all utilise additional features to help your property stand out. There is also the integration of Social Media as another marketing platform as a lot of your community will Like or Follow a local agent if there is an underlying interest in the local property market for future plans.

With the use of online portals and social media, make sure your agent measures the response on your property. The internet is invaluable in being able to measure the response as to whether potential buyers are even viewing your property online and at which point they turn away and back to their search, if at all. This helps the agent respond correctly, i.e.; is it the photo’s, is it the price or even perhaps the description, and then react accordingly to adjust the marketing strategy for your property.

Ultimately, the aim to grab a potential buyers’ attention, stand out and broaden your properties hit rate to get sold quicker. And also to be able to measure and adapt your property’s marketing so your home does not grow stagnant on portals. Here at Rochills, we speak to our clients weekly to update them the properties activity, what is working and what is not. Through this protocol, we assist our clients in making sure they are kept updated and take our advice to get sold quickly and at a strong value.

If you would like any further advice or are thinking of selling, we would be happy to discuss our services with you. Call me on 01932 22 21 20 or email [email protected].


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