Yes, home owners do know their property better than anyone else. However, the key factor when selling your home is how your home needs to be presented. After you have armed the agent with all the facts on your home, they will know how to present your property in it’s best possible light and in relation to the potential buyers requirements. They will have gotten to know your potential buyers needs and from that are able to present your property as a solution as well as a lifestyle.

The next key factor is that Estate Agents have access to a large database of potential buyers and constantly marry up their applicants to properties. Part of this process is that they know which buyer is going to want your property, who will suit your timescales and most importantly, who is most able to proceed.

Another major benefit is that an agent can bring vision to a property when it is required. Remember not every home is the finished product. You may be selling a probate or project which means the property needs work and investing in. An agent will know the market and so will know roughly how much a property will need spending on to get to your desired finish, how much you can look to achieve when selling within a short term period after purchase or even what not to spend with a certain ceiling price on that road or in that area.

The most important advantage of using a professional Estate Agent is having a professional negotiator achieve the best possible price on your behalf. Negotiating directly can be very tricky and there is a real skill involved. An agent will know the situation of the vendor as well as the budget of the potential buyer. A seller who deals with their buyer directly will not have the same information on the potential buyer and can easily fall short of what a buyer would actually pay for their property.

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