Blue Monday, often labelled as the most challenging day of the year, falls on the third Monday of January.

But what exactly makes this day particularly blue?

Well, a travel company originally coined the name, and Blue Monday is thought to be the day when the festive cheer has faded, resolutions have hit the rocks, and these cold, dark days seem never-ending.

But, it’s not all doom, gloom and incoming credit card bills (another reason Blue Monday is so depressing), thanks to the Samaritans’ brilliant initiative, Brew Monday.

It’s a clever twist on Blue Monday, encouraging people to come together over a warm cup of tea or coffee. It’s a simple yet powerful idea that turns a potentially difficult day into an opportunity for connection and conversation.

Here are four reasons why embracing Brew Monday is a fantastic idea:

  • Fighting loneliness

January can be lonely for many – after the Christmas feel-good factor. Brew Monday offers the perfect reason to reach out to someone feeling isolated. A chat over a brew can make a world of difference, showing someone they’re not alone.

  • Promoting mental wellbeing

Talking is one of the first steps in addressing mental health issues. Brew Monday creates a safe space for people to share their thoughts and feelings, breaking down barriers and promoting mental wellbeing.

  • Fostering community spirit

This idea brings communities together in offices, schools or neighbourhoods. It’s a chance to strengthen bonds and remind each other that we’re not alone.

  • Raising awareness and funds

Brew Monday is not just about conversation; it’s also an opportunity to support the Samaritans’ vital work. Donations made around Brew Monday help the Samaritans continue providing their invaluable service, offering a lifeline to those in need.

Brew Monday is more than just a cup of tea or coffee.

It’s a great idea that reminds us all of the power of human connection.

So, this Blue Monday, why not put the kettle on or invite someone to chat at a café and turn a potentially difficult day into one filled with warmth and a good natter?

Thanks for reading.


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