Landlord Responsibilities

  • To ensure that the property is handed over to the tenant in good and safe repair
  • Ensure the buildings and their own contents
  • Professional clean to include carpets, curtains, windows and garden tidy prior to the tenancy commencement
  • Gas and electrical checks prior to any tenancy commencing
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the property throughout the tenancy

Preparation For Letting


There is far more demand for unfurnished properties than furnished

In an unfurnished property it is normally expected that carpets, curtains, light fittings and white goods are left

If it is essential that you let your property furnished then only leave the essential items (ensuring they comply with Fire Regulations) and nothing personal. It is not necessary to leave linen

The more electrical items left in a property the higher the potential cost to you for breakdowns/electrical checks and replacement


Finish to a good standard

A neutrally decorated and carpeted house will normally let more quickly than one that is over personalised and fussy

Good quality neutral curtains are preferable

Linoleum/tiles are more hygienic and preferred in bathrooms and kitchens

Gas Appliances

Must all be serviced and checked annually with a Gas Safety Certificate being provided to the tenant prior to the tenancy commencement in accordance with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994 as amended 1996

Electrical Installation And Appliances

It is recommended that the installation is checked every 5 years

It is recommended that the appliances are checked annually

Smoke Detectors

Must be installed prior to a property being let

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It is strongly advised that these are installed


3 sets of front door keys should be provided to the agent (2 for the tenants, 1 as a management set for the agent)

Other keys should be left in the property (in a kitchen drawer)


Instructions for household equipment, central heating and other useful information should be left in a file at the property

Copies of all guarantees should be left with the agent


Prepared by a professional independent Inventory Clerk

This is prepared for the benefit of both landlord and tenant

It is recorded on a room by room basis with a list of all items and the condition of those items and the décor, furnishings etc

It is supported by photographs – particularly relevant for the garden

Items of a lessor value than £5.00 are normally excluded

Standard garden tools will be listed but general items stored in garages, outbuildings will be recorded as “miscellaneous”

China/cutlery/books will be listed by number

At the end of the tenancy we will guide as to the cost of dilapidations

Fair wear and tear must be taken into account and cannot be charged to the tenant

The age of an item will determine the proportion of any cost that can be fairly charged to a tenant

Maintenance Contracts

These are recommended for items such as central heating systems, alarms, white goods and lawn mowers with the contracts being lodged at our office


The landlord must ensure there is a working telephone line at the property

It is the landlord’s responsibility to give up and take up the telephone service as the agent cannot do this on your behalf

Oil, Solid Fuel And LPG

Where relevant the tank should be left full at the start of the tenancy and the tenant will then fill the tank before vacating. The same applies to solid fuel

Council Tax, Electricity, Gas And Water Services

We will arrange for final accounts for council tax, electricity, gas and water


You should make arrangements for your post to be forwarded to you

Chimney Sweep

Chimneys should be swept prior to the tenancy commencement and the tenant will be expected to do the same at the end of the tenancy


Should be handed over in good seasonal order and tenants will be expected to leave the same at the tenancy termination


Housing Act 1988 As Amended 1996

Designed to protect Landlords and Tenants alike

Created an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST)

Particular attention paid to landlords rights of repossession

There is now no difference between security of tenure for the tenant in an unfurnished or furnished property

No minimum time period for an AST but a landlord cannot normally recover possession within 6 months from the start of the tenancy


Rent is classified as “unearned income”

If you are UK resident you will be responsible for declaring your rental income to the Inland Revenue

If you are resident overseas whilst letting your home it will be necessary to complete a form NRL1 in order to be able to receive your rent gross from your agent. Alternatively Rochills will be required to deduct tax at the basic rate from your rent prior to forwarding it to you


You will need to obtain formal approval to let your property from your lender

This can take some time so it is imperative to contact your lender immediately you consider letting your property


Written confirmation from the landlord that the letting is permitted must be obtained

The Head Lease must not expire prior to the tenancy for your tenant

A copy of the Head Lease must be provided to the agent to attach to the tenancy agreement

Covenants and/or rules and regulations for your property must be provided to the agent to attach to the tenancy agreement

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