If ever there was a repeated mantra in property, it would be location location location – there’s even a television series with the name.

The location of a property is the one thing that can’t be changed. It can have a dramatic effect on value and demand, but there is more to location than simply a physical place: it’s what that place means, and to who.

For a family with children, being in the catchment area of their preferred school might be a high-priority, while anyone commuting would want to be near transport or road connections. For avid socialites, being no more than five minutes walk from local cafes, pubs and shops could be a non-negotiable.

But somebody working from home may have other items on their wishlist, like being further away from a town centre for a quieter environment, or perhaps a street with easier parking for visiting clients.

In every case on every property, it’s down to estate agents to look at every aspect of every location: not only where a property is, but also at the potential audience.

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