With insects breeding prolifically in warm weather, here’s how to deal with the little critters before they become a big problem.

  • Have a good rapport with your tenant so they’ll inform you if a pest problem arises.
  • Encourage tenants to store all food in the fridge or cupboards and wipe up crumbs. Regular vacuuming will help get rid of insect eggs and larvae.
  • Ensure all garbage bins have well-fitting lids and encourage your tenant to seal rubbish bags before disposing of them.
  • Block any holes or gaps in woodwork and around windows and doors. Check that drains and pipework don’t provide an entry route for insects.
  • Check second-hand furniture carefully before moving it into your property – it could be hosting bed bugs.
  • During routine inspections, look for insect droppings, eggs or discarded shells

Visit the British Pest Control Association’s website for tips on identifying and eradicating insects.

And for more advice on managing a property, get in touch with us today.

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